Contrary to popular belief, the practice of scattering ashes in the sea or from the air is not in keeping with the Catholic Church’s accepted beliefs and doctrines...
Derived from columba, Latin for dove, columbaries were originally inspired by compartmentalized boxes for doves and pigeons in medieval times. Today, it is a Church-sanctioned and...
Commemorating a life well lived
There are things that we don't want to happen but have to accept, things we don't want to know but have to learn, and people we can't live without but have to let go.
The loss of a loved one may be the singular most traumatic experience you are guaranteed to encounter in your lifetime. The Ascension Chapels recognizes this reality and is ready to listen and guide you through...
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A welcome oasis in a serene corner of bustling Quezon City, The Ascension is the preferred landmark address where the commemoration of life is our area of expertise. Developed so that families could have the convenience of a single location for taking care of their loved ones when a death occurs, we are uniquely positioned as a convenient one-stop crematorium, chapel and columbary.

The Ascension is among the first to offer full and complete memorial services, capable of accommodating the entire memorial process in facilities within walking distance from one another - and in the very heart of Metro Manila. We believe that every life is unique and every funeral should be too. We commemorate life!

Establishing our presence in the urban skyline with an eye- catching dome-like structure patterned after a bishop's miter, The Ascension Columbary is five stories of feng shui-inspired architectural design housing two spacious chapels and 6,208 vaults where loved ones are laid to rest.

The Ascension Columbary is flanked by The Ascension Chapels, which house 17 more chapels that are at our customers' disposal. Also available are 2 crematory chapels with 2 viewing areas large enough to fit the departed's family and close friends.

Ample guest parking is available within our gated and beautifully landscaped compound, enhanced with charming pathways and a fresh water reservoir to complete the ambiance one would expect from a haven of this caliber. A lush garden area right by the entrance completes the backdrop for intimate gatherings, providing the perfect outdoor setting to commemorate a life well lived.
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